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 You are so nice to share these with us.

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You are so nice to share these with us. Empty
MessageSujet: You are so nice to share these with us.   You are so nice to share these with us. Icon_minitimeMer 3 Aoû - 10:29

Hello. it is a great rig, super fast, and nice and small, which is what i needed. I have to sit on the floor tho, which can be bad for the back, oh and damn cold too in the winter as the floor is about a foot under the waterline !. I have a single PCI slot and a single AGP slot but don't want the extra heat in that tiny case. Plus i recently replaced my olde but goodie 20gigger with a nice fast 120gigger, i'm sure that's added some heat inside case. Airflow in the case is good, but i have to put pc quite close to the wall as the boat is only 6ft wide, so case does get a tad too dusty. Just finished costing up another one of these sexy cases, a tad cheaper than last time - ¡ê65 - case with integrated m/board ¡ê65 - cpu with decent h/sink & fan (or could go XP3000 for approx ¡ê80)¡ê40 - 512MB ram ¡ê35 - dvd burner - total of ¡ê205 plus postage, bargain for a v fast pc! 22 Apr 2005 @ 2:22 Main PC ~ Intel C2Q Q6600 (G0 Stepping)/Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3/2GB Crucial Ballistix PC2-8500/Zalman CNPS9700/Antec 900/Corsair HX 620W Network ~ DD-WRT ~ 2node WDS-WPA2/AES ~ Buffalo WHR-G54S. 3node WPA2/AES ~ WRT54GS v6 (inc. WEP BSSID), WRT54G v2, WRT54G2 v1. *** Forum Rules ***
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You are so nice to share these with us.
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